Hot Wheels Unveils Christine and Close Encounters of the Third Kind Toy Cars

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As a nice little supplement to the toys companies like Funko and NECA are constantly putting out, the makers of die-cast cars have been getting in on the horror fun in the last few years, releasing small-scale replicas of some of the genre’s most iconic vehicles.

Last year, for example, Greenlight Collectibles put out toy cars inspired by Gremlins and Friday the 13th, the latter of which included a Mrs. Voorhees mini-figure. Matchbox did something similar several years back, releasing cars that had horror icons perched atop them.

Later this year, leading toy car company Hot Wheels is dipping their toes into the horror pool, with two new additions to their Retro Entertainment line that are tailor made for us horror fans. The cars are based on vehicles seen in Christine and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and they join a previously released Hot Wheels Ecto-1 car.

Of course, Christine is an obvious choice for a line such as this, though the Close Encounters vehicle is a bit more obscure. It’s based on Roy’s work truck from the film, which was prominently featured in a particularly memorable scene where Roy first encountered a UFO. This is one of the only Close Encounters toys that’s ever been made, which makes it extra special.

Check out the new vehicles below, and expect them on store shelves later this year!

Hot Wheels Close Encounters

Hot Wheels Christine