Hot Topic Reveals Exclusive ‘IT’ Movie Moment Funko Pop

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Fans of the ever popular Funko Pop figures, keep your eyes peeled. The company announced a brand new IT Movie Moment set that will be making its way to Hot Topic exclusively in May.

According to the Facebook page Funko Pop Hunters the IT Movie Moment will feature Pennywise and Georgie at the sewer grate in the now famous scene from the newest Stephen King adaptation and will sell for $32.99 in Hot Topic stores across the country.

Take a look at the images the Funko Pop Hunters shared below!

Georgie looks even more innocent as a Funko Pop figure! Image via Funko Pop Hunters

Pennywise peeks from the sewers. Image via Funko Pop Hunters

Hot Top IT Pennywise Movie Moment

Here are more Pennywise POP!S coming soon!

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