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‘Host’ Creators To Make Higher-Budgeted Haunted Prison Movie

by Timothy Rawles
Host - Shudder

The minds behind Shudder’s COVID-inspired isolation classic Host are taking their talents to Studiocanal for a full feature described as “The Conjuring behind bars.”

Host has become one of Shudder’s most successful movies.   It’s director, Rob Savage, will direct the feature and writer Jed Shepherd will produce.

The movie is pitched as a “melding of the prison escape movie and the haunted house movie, in which a group of women who stage an unsuccessful breakout attempt discover a secret room that unleashes a dark presence that marauds the halls at night. The film will have a claustrophobic quality akin to The Descent,” Savage told Deadline

Award-winning genre writer Teresa Sutherland will pen the script.

Host - Shudder

Host – Shudder

There is still a question about where the movie will take place. Although the film is rooted in British folklore, Savage says a U.S. setting isn’t out of the question.

Production should start in 2021.

“None of the characters are conventional good guys,” Savage says. “So, there are opportunities for interesting casting choices with actors playing against type.”

With the recent success of Host, which follows six friends dealing with the consequences of an online seance, Savage is eager to start another found footage film by the end of this year.

“We want to keep up the momentum from Host,” he told Deadline in an interview. “It’s not a conventional sequel to Host, more of a follow-up film. If Host was about the horror of lockdown, this is about the fear or going back outside, of the world reopening. It won’t have a conventional development process so we’re putting the gas on it now and we’re in talks with various industry partners about it.”

Host is a movie that reflects the times not only in concept but in production. The actors, who only appear on a computer screen, provided their own lighting, make-up, and costumes. You can read our full review HERE.

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