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Horror/Thriller ‘Dreamcatcher’ Picked Up by Samuel Goldwyn

by Timothy Rawles
"Dreamcatcher" - Quarzo Studios/Samuel Goldwyn Films

According to a Deadline exclusive, the horror thriller Dreamcatcher has been picked up for North American distribution by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

The bloody whodunnit is produced by Krystal Vayda and Brandon Vayda through their Quarzo Studios company.

The film is set in the world of music, specifically electronic music. A man named Dylan, performing as DJ Dreamcatcher is playing at a secret concert called Cataclysm. Things go horribly wrong during the night which leads to 48-hours of savage brutality.

"Dreamcatcher" - Quarzo Studios/Samuel Goldwyn Films

“Dreamcatcher” – Quarzo Studios/Samuel Goldwyn Films

The fimmakers explain more:

“The idea behind Dreamcatcher was to design a film that brings back the whodunnit, the empty house scare, and the backyard fright all wrapped up in an original screenplay,” the producers told Deadline. “We approached the film, from the beginning with Jacob, wanting to tastefully – and artfully – capture varying facets of society, with the sexy backdrop of a colorful pulsating Music Festival, all while set in the glamorous city of Los Angeles, California. This was to say, build a world that feels surreal – but obtainable, seductive, -but never explicit, and fun however equally frightening. The story is ripe with everything you come to expect from a genre film: twists, turns, and a dose of scares. While thematically, we explore the effects of trauma, the insatiable thirst for materialism and fame, and of course, the loss of innocence and corruption of power. The character development, and ensemble cast, gave us the opportunity to connect in a meaningful personal way, with varying audience demographics across the world. We are very much excited and grateful to be partnering with such a prestigious company and storied name in the motion picture business at Samuel Goldwyn Films. We are excited for what’s to come and see it all unfold into reality!”

The film stars Niki Koss (Famous in Love), Zachary Gordon (Diary Of A Wimpy Kid), Travis Burns (Neighbours), Blaine Kern III (The Perfect Date), Olivia Sui (Smosh), Elizabeth Posey (Starz series Heels), Emrhys Cooper, Ben. J Pierce, Al Calderon, Eva Shaw, Nazanin Mandi, Adrienne Wilkinson, and Lou Ferrigno Jr.

No word on when or where the film will be released.

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