These Horror PEZ Dispensers Are the Treat We All Need This October

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You may remember back in April when we posted some truly kickass horror themed snowglobes from artist Jesse Wroblewski of Chainsaw Estates. For the month of October, Wroblewski is back at it again, making all my creepy crafting attempts looks crummy in comparison. This time he’s focusing on horror themed PEZ dispensers at the impressive rate of a new design each day.

That’s right, for all 31 days of October, we get to check out a cool new and totally impressive design. He gets right into the detail of each piece – even the bricks surrounding Samara’s well are made out of dyed PEZ candy!

PEZ dispensers feature a wide variety of characters, but they certainly leave something to be desired in the horror department. We’ve seen horror concept designs before, but Wroblewski is giving us the real deal here. Each dispenser is custom made and fully functional. And I want them all.

Like the snowglobes, they’re currently not up for sale, but you can check out his creations below and follow his progress on the Chainsaw Estates Instagram page!










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