Written by Patti Pauley

What can possibly be better than blowing shit up on the pavement and sending patriotic sparks of glory in the air in celebration of our Independence? Bill Pullman with a heartfelt America-fuck-yeah speech and Jeff Goldblum kicking alien ass? Well yeah obviously, but horror themed fireworks take a close second!

We as Americans just can’t seem to help ourselves when it comes to making the biggest, baddest, and most ridiculous line of fireworks one can think of when it comes to celebratory activities and the Fourth of July is truly no exception. Just like Apps these days, there’s a firework for just about everyone out there including horror fans. And I’ve managed to scour the interwebs and come up with the coolest boxes of explosive patriotism I could find that make your 4th just a little bit more special for us genre aficionados.

Behold the Zombie Clown from TNT Fireworks!

Obviously one does not want to infringe on those copyright issues, but we all know exactly who this is. I see what you did there TNT. Very slick.

Oh yes, a Freddy Krueger firework does exist!

Freddy, I mean the Freaky Friday firework, is made by Shogun and shoots flaming balls of fire. And if Freddy enough isn’t the selling point, the latter should be because we’re all adults here.

Cause a panic on the 4th with The Great White Shark!

Of course, this is a MUST HAVE as we all associate Jaws with Independence Day. This little diddy is made by Vulcan and can be found over at Fireworks Central. 

We can’t forget the classic Zombie themed fireworks!

Another gem sold by TNT is the Zombie Rush fountain shower of sparks and crackles. Last a good amount of time so you get a least good bang for your buck.



What fireworks party would be complete without the Great Godzilla?!

Photo credit: Kate Sherrill

He’s not only the King of the Monsters but the king of the damn 4th as well. This product is made by Brothers Pyrotechnics but unfortunately, is not available and not sure if this one will be back. Still, it’s Godzilla. So we have to include him.


Last but not least, this slasher themed firework from Area 51 Fireworks!

With what looks to be obviously a female Freddy with a mischievous Chucky behind her on the box art, this beast sets off 16 mortar blazes of glory into the sky.

Now that you’ve got your Fourth of flaming fun covered, always remember to be responsible as boozing and booming usually leads to hands being blown off or setting ablaze to the entire neighborhood. Stay safe and happy Independence Day!