Horror Themed Easter Eggs Are The Best Kind!

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It is a pretty well known fact that the Easter holiday isn’t very welcoming when it comes to the horror genre. Yet, there are plenty of us out there that incorporate our passion into any holiday! Why use that tired PAAS kit, when you can create something unique that reflects you as a horror fan! It’s a fun way to add a little horror themed flair to the holiday. Here are a few examples of how you can give your Easter eggs that special touch of macabre.





This Michael Myers egg art is simple yet perfect with the added touch of hair!






These Walking Dead eggs are pretty damn impressive.






A Jason Voorhees egg for every Friday movie. Stunning.


Photo credit: http://www.theghostinyou.net  




The classic zombie eggs.







Why not add the victims with your zombie eggs?





This Pinhead egg display is absolutely beautiful.






KIds and adults alike can all enjoy Nightmare Before Christmas themed Easter eggs.







For the more advanced artist, Alien themed eggs seem appropriate. The Alien VS. Predator art is flat out amazing. Or you could put your own spin on it!







Because Halloween can be all year ’round.





Brilliance. Sheer brilliance

egg 10




This JAWS egg art is plain perfect.


Photo credit: Pleated Jeans 


Will you be trying any of these? Click here for last year’s iHorror egg gallery for more ideas to expand on! Tag us on Instagram or hashtag #ihorroreggs to show us your horror themed Easter eggs!