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Whether you’re looking for that perfect bathing suit to lay out and catch some rays on Amity Beach or you’re searching for a stand out piece to debut your arrival to Camp Arawak for summer camp, you want to look good!  ….Especially since it may be the last thing you’ll ever be seen wearing… so why not go out in style?!

But hey, there is a plus side!  Some of these fashionable swim wears are so gory that the killer lurking around your cabin or beach towel will think you’re already dead and move onto the bubbly blonde cheerleader in the two piece its bitsy bikini next to you!  Others are so morbidly cute you may capture their dark little heart.  Either way you’ll be spared!

Here are ten bathing suits that will showcase your inner horror goddess, whether it’s dark and morbid or cute and creepy.

1. Inside Out
Why not try wearing your insides on the outside?  The killer at your summer camp won’t know if he already killed you or not.  This extremely detailed bathing suite is from  

2. Muscle Beach
Show your muscles off, literally!  This ripped muscle suit is available at here!


3.  Bag of bones!
Show off your bare bones with this one piece swim suit!  Available in black or white from here on!

4. Bloody Beach Beauty!
This swimsuit will certainly deter killers from bothering you this summer with its realistic blood splatter pattern.  Available here at!


5. Teeny Tiny Itsy Bitsy Bloody Bikini
Is a bikini more your style?  Try this bloody two piece on for size!  Available here form or here at 

6. Pushing up Roses
Looking for something a little cuter with a morbid flare?  Try this one piece skull and rose swimsuit!  Available here at!

7. Cute Bones!
Is a halter top more your style?  Try this skeleton on for style!  Available here!


8. What the f*#%?!
Want something to set you apart from the other happy go lucky summer campers and keep them at an arm’s length?  This is the swim suit that’s sure to do it!  Find it here on!


9.  Gh…Gh…. Ghost Ship!
What better movie poster to display on a swimsuit!  Show your love for the movie Ghost Ship with this swimwear available here at!

10. A wicked good time.
Tired of playing beach volleyball?  Try using this swimsuit to scare up some fun!  Just remember to say “goodbye” or you might have an extra cabin mate staying the night.  Available here at