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5 Horror Shows to Binge Watch This Weekend

by Curt Fiers

If you’re anything like me, you spent your time at home during state lockdowns trying to find horror shows to binge-watch. Now that many places are opening back up, though, you might have realized that you’re stuck with a series that’s got seven more seasons to catch up on.

If you’re rueing the day that you picked a show with over a dozen seasons to watch (looking at you, Supernatural), just know that there are other options out there. You can actually binge these horror shows in just a weekend, so you won’t be stuck at work Monday wondering what’s coming next.

The Returned (2012)

If you caught the 2015 A&E series The Returned, there’s a chance you were let down. Whether this was because the show was canceled after only three months or because you thought it was horrible, the point is the show ended up breaking plenty of hearts. If you’d like to see what that series was supposed to be, though, you should definitely catch the French version, Les Revenants.

This atypical horror show centers around a small town where dead individuals start reappearing, but this is far from a typical zombie show. Each returned individual appears just as normal as the last time they were seen alive, and since they don’t remember dying, they’re just as confused as their family members. It’s a far cry from The Walking Dead, but there’s no way you won’t fall in love with it.

If you want a horror show to binge-watch quickly, the two seasons of Les Revenants have you covered. It seems foreign series don’t abide by the “one season a year” rule, so there may be a third installment yet. Until that point, squeeze the 16 episode run into your weekend plans! The show occasionally pops up on Netflix, but you should always be able to find it on Amazon.

Darknet (2013)

If there was ever a show that earned the title of diamond in the rough, it’s Darknet. The series combines periodic moments of found footage with numerous creepy stories that ultimately end up interconnecting. The synopsis of the show tells the story:

“…snippets of people’s lives being interrupted by vivid instances of unexpected violence or shocking strangeness.”

One great aspect about this series – other than its intense eerie moments and disturbing revelations – is the fact that each episode runs less than 30 minutes. So whether you’re on a long commute or waiting at the DMV, you can fit one in. Check out Amazon for the goods! Sorry, no trailer for this one!

Hillbilly Horror Show (2014)

Remember how much you enjoyed shows like Tales from the Crypt and Are You Afraid of the Dark? You’ll probably enjoy Hillbilly Horror Show even more. Unlike their predecessors, the hosts of this quirky horror anthology present four different haunting tales in each episode. Each story is actually a short film from some of the best up-and-coming directors in horror.

As one of the best horror shows to binge, Hillbilly Horror Show has a lot to offer. In between each indie short, you’ll get to see Bo, Cephus and “kissing cousin” Lulu – played by international model Rachel Faulkner – provide hilarious commentary while they fill the gaps in between. Even though each episode contains four short films, most installments come right in under the hour mark.

Most of the featured shorts have won awards during their runs. Volume 1 has “Franky and the Ant” – which was accepted by the Landshut Short Film Festival – and Volume 3’s “Divination” took home the Best Supernatural Short award at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival. Volume 2’s “Rose White” – which may be my personal favorite – was showcased in the Nevermore Film Festival.

There are four volumes to enjoy, but they’re scattered all over the web. Check out Tubi for a few!

Horror Hotel: The Web Series (2013)

Horror Hotel is a low-budget horror anthology at heart, but the acting and storylines went a long way in making it appeal to a wide demographic. It took home awards at both the LA Web Series Festival and the ATLWebFest. It also secured nominations for Best Thriller at the Miami Web Fest and Best Web Series at both Filmquest and GA Entertainment Gala.

Every episode unfolds in a place that has showed up in countless horror films: a dark hotel. Entries are standalone stories, and since only six episodes have come out and they’re each under 20 minutes. You could literally binge-watch this horror show in just a few hours. The shorts have since been compiled into a film – along with a sequel – and you can find them both on Tubi and Amazon.

Harper’s Island (2009)

While the ultimate fate of some of these shows is unknown, you’ll walk into Harper’s Island knowing that it’s already over. No matter how invested you get into the story, there’s no reason to hold out hope for another episode. This piece of small-screen greatness was created as a miniseries.

You’ll have 13 episodes to enjoy. You’ll learn the story of an island whose history includes a series of gruesome murders. Years after the suspected murderer is taken out, however, the killings start again. And if you thought Game of Thrones was crazy with their deaths, you’ll be floored by a major character dying in every episode of this series.

In fact, make sure you don’t get too attached to anyone. Some episodes feature five major deaths in one outing. You’ll find this great miniseries on Amazon, but look around online before buying it. You never know when it might pop up on Tubi.

Got More Horror Shows to Binge?

We tried our best to introduce a few shows you might not have discovered previously, but if you’ve seen them all, congratulations. You sure know your stuff! Since most of these options are less than two seasons, though, why not give them another go. After all, there aren’t too many horror shows to binge-watch in less than a weekend. If you know others, tell us in the comments!

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