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Horror Short ‘White Willow’ Is Sheer Terror!

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The horror short White Willow focuses on a young female with a history of self-mutilation and mental illness that eventually brings her inner pain to the surface. White Willow will make you cringe in terror, but is it just because of the gore? Or is it tapping into something deeper? I believe it’s both. Don’t take my word for it..check it out for yourself by clicking here. 

Emily Lamberski’s the star of this two minute short and presents us with an unsettling and eerie performance! Director Ryan Swantek did a marvelous job capturing the horrendous gore, that will make your head turn!

Now here is a little bit about the filmmaker Ryan Swantek! 

Ryan Swantek is a 24-year-old filmmaker. He has been working in the film industry in Sarasota for one year. His first job was as a production assistant on Dylan McDermott’s web series “Sugar” which was produced by the Ringling College of Art & Design’s studio lab. He is originally from Toledo, Oh where he graduated from the University of Toledo with a degree in communications. He moved to Sarasota in October 2015. Sets he has worked on include Justin Long’s “The Real Stephen Blatt,” TNT’s upcoming “CLAWS” starring Niecey Nash and produced by Rashida Jones, Tony Ahedo’s Barry Baker Asprining Serial Killer,” and commercials for the smartphone app “Blinker.”

Factual Information About The Production


  • The idea for White Willow was something Ryan thought of during his senior year at

  • Ryan decided to move forward with the idea at the end of The Real Stephen Blatt and make it a two minute short.

  • This was Ryan’s first film of any

  • There was no DP until about two weeks before when Tony heard about it and wanted to

  • This was Emily’s second time acting in a film. Her first was alongside Justin Long as Janice in The Real Stephen

  • Ryan also did the set design and wardrobe.

  • Ryan is the only person on the crew who did not go to Ringling College of Art & Design

  • Ryan asked Emily if she was interested in the role after Andre Holland’s (Moonlight) Q&A in

  • White Willow was filmed in the bathroom at Ryan’s house.

  • White Willow is the name of the street Ryan lives on.

–  The shoot was fourteen hours long.

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