'Vicious' (2015) - Oliver Park via YouTube

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This Horror Short Sunday we’re daring you to turn out the lights and watch Oliver Park’s Vicious (2015). If you’re a fan of James Wan’s Insidious and The Conjuring, then Park’s intense supernatural thrill ride should be right up your alley. Vicious stars Rachel Winters, Isabelle King, and Alex Holden.

Still reeling after the recent, mysterious death of her sister Katie, Lydia arrives home one night to find her front door ajar. Nothing appears to be amiss after she searches the house, but Lydia can’t shake the feeling that she’s not alone. Is her grieving mind playing tricks on her, or is she about to find out what really caused her sister’s untimely death?

Vicious wastes no time getting right into ramping up the tension. The film opens with a creeping shot looking out from the interior of the house just as Lydia is arriving home. Something is lurking in the shadows, and darkness plays a big part in this short’s terrifying moments.

Cinematographer Paul Dudbridge puts you in Lydia’s perspective in key moments, and uses the dark corners of the house to put the audience on edge. There’s a particular skin-crawling scene when Lydia is lying in bed while shadowy objects in the room are playing tricks on her eyes. The unnerving cinematography is coupled with an eerie soundtrack by Matthew Walker, complete with shrill audio stings reminiscent of the Insidious opening credit sequence.

Oliver Park’s Vicious is an intense roller coaster ride with hair-raising scares that are earned with heavy atmosphere and suspense. The presence that took Katie still resides in that house, and now it’s coming for Lydia. Check out the full horror short Vicious below. Pro tip: Keep your eye on the drawing of the house in the stairway.

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