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We’re kicking off the first Horror Short Sunday of the year by hopping aboard Andrew Ionides’ grisly short film The Quiet Zone (2015). Ionides is the producer, writer, and director of this hellish train ride, which stars Jessica Bayly, and Kasey Iliana Sfetsios.

Here’s a quick summary via IMDB:

A late night commuter confronts a noisy passenger on a train carriage but finds herself trapped in the station with someone – or something – that wants to silence her too.

If you’re a fan of Clive Barker staples like Candyman, Hellraiser, and Midnight Meat Train, then The Quiet Zone’s dark tone and morbid gore should be right up your alley. The Stalker is the type of supernatural slasher you’d find lurking in many 80’s and 90’s horror films, complete with her own signature murder glove.

Anytime The Stalker is on screen is guaranteed to sends chills up your spine thanks to an unnerving performance by Sfetsios, and rather creepy costume design. She’s one of the more memorable slashers I’ve seen in a short film, and could easily be a compelling enough villain to carry a horror feature.

Markus A Ljungberg’s cinematography gets under your skin by utilizing the train station’s pitch black shadows and dynamic lighting to enhance the sense of isolation and nightmarish quality. There are some truly disturbing shots in The Quiet Zone as The Stalker closes in on her victims, and leaves gruesome carnage in her wake.

The audio department also deserves praise for bringing the desolate environment to life with the sounds of eerie whistling, distant footsteps, and the low rumble of passing trains putting you on edge. Let’s also not forget the grotesque cracking and tearing flesh noises that makes the attacks particularly nasty.

Check out the full video for The Quiet Zone below!

‘The Quiet Zone’ via Screamfest on YouTube

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