Horror Short Sunday: ‘The Armoire’

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This Horror Short Sunday we’re exploring the terrors of used furniture with the cursed object tale The Armoire (2017). This unnerving short is written and directed by Evan Cooper, produced and edited by Brodie Cooper, and presented by Muskoka Movies in association with Steve Hern Films.

Emma (Hannah Barlow) is an aspiring actress who moves into a single bedroom apartment in the big city to jump start her career. While searching for cheap furniture, she stumbles upon an abandoned, sturdy looking armoire that is sure to bring a little character to her humble abode. However, it’s not long after she brings the armoire home that it feels like she’s no longer alone in her apartment.

The Armoire follows in the same vein as great horror films like The Ring and Oculus where the object in question has its own presence. The air in Emma’s apartment instantly becomes heavier the moment the mysterious piece of furniture enters her life, and attaches itself to her like a parasite.

Evan Cooper puts in the effort to develop Emma’s character as well as the armoire itself, which makes the story feel more fleshed out and fulfilling. Many short filmmakers often just skip straight to the scares, but with Cooper’s film you’ll feel like you got a full meal.

One of the stand outs of the short is the audio. Not giving much away, the armoire feels like a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. A large amount of the scares actually come from just audio. It’s a testament to indie filmmakers that you don’t need crazy special effects to bring the terror.

Check out the full short film below:

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