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Horror Short Sunday: ‘Special Day’

by Eric Panico

The New Year isn’t the only thing creeping closer this Horror Short Sunday, as we take a look at this week’s chilling short film Special Day (2018). The film is produced by Rachel Greenwald, directed by Teal Greyhavens, written by Nikolai Von Keller, with cinematography by Devin Cutter. Special Day stars Maya Bowman, Laura Wernette, Sara Davenport-Ebersole, and Caesar James.

Here is a quick plot summary:

Emily’s family has gathered to joyfully celebrate her 18th birthday, but there’s something else they also wish to share. As the clock approaches the hour of Emily’s birth, the family has a new friend they’ve been dying to introduce her to.

Simple, and downright unsettling, Special Day is a coming of age story that quickly takes a nightmarish turn for the worse. The film opens with playful, cheery music, as we watch Emily being fawned over by her proud family members. But the tone abruptly turns ominous when the family reveals the secret to their success (and it isn’t stock investing). 

Special Day has an undercurrent of madness, as Emily’s family all stare at her with uncomfortable smiles while ignoring the insanity of what they just revealed. It resembles the cult-like behavior of films such as Rosemary’s Baby, and Hereditary that feel like a bad dream come to life. 

Much like It Follows, Special Day gives you the sense of impending doom that can’t be stopped. This 6-minute chiller is short and sweet, but the eerie concept would be equally as maddening with a lengthier runtime to let the paranoia sink in even further. Check out the full spine-tingling short below!

Greyhavens and Von Keller ‘s other work can be found at their website Ink Run Films. Make sure to catch up on some of our other great Horror Short Sunday picks, and come back next week to discover more great short films from around the internet!

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