Welcome iHorror fans to a new weekly series called Horror Short Sunday in which we will showcase a short film we found to be worthy of your attention.

Adrian Picardi has created a horror short that all Silent Hill fans should watch. Believe me, he’s taken every step to honor those who love the game while giving everyone else a narrative that’s creepy enough to stand on its own.

He is one of the directors over at Corridor Digital a platform that he says tries to make fresh content every other week. His specialty is creating cinematic shorts that fit nicely into the channel but also showcase his personal tastes.

“I’m a huge Silent Hill fan and some of the inspirations that came to mind when creating this piece was from Silent Hill 2 and P.T.” For those of you who don’t know P.T. (playable teaser) was an interactive game for PS4 that was meant to lead into a game called Silent Hills before it was canceled.

Adrian says he would play Silent Hill 2 for hours. Enough so that it would mess with him psychologically which, by the way, he loved. he brings that same eeriness to ROT.

“Be it the creepy repetitive ambient noises/tone or the subject matter, Silent Hill always managed to leave me feeling extremely uneasy which was a huge goal with ROT,” Adrian explains. “I didn’t want to just create another typical run of the mill horror short that relies on jump scares rather I wanted to try and create a piece that captures the anxiety and panic one may feel when engulfed in that world.”

He adds: “Silent Hill is different for everyone but its themes are very similar through the SH universe. ROT isn’t for everyone but anyone who is willing to watch it multiple times can begin to find clues I’ve hidden throughout the short and the themes and storyline become more and more apparent.”

And fans are loving it, as do we. Well over 1 million people have watched it since it debuted in March. Adrian says one of the most rewarding things is how fans have responded to the film by letting him know when they find what they think are all the Easter eggs.

“Most of the viewers have already figured out why the piece is called ROT and even more surprising understanding the symbolism being most of the imagery. I know one person actually figured out the hidden imaged embedded in the audio toward the end of the piece within the first 24 hours of its release which was crazy.”