Horror Short Sunday: ‘Monster Problems’

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Writer and Director Adam Green has given horror fans some great feature-length films over the years such as Hatchet, Frozen and Digging Up the Marrow.

But every year in October since 1998 he goes the extra step and releases a horror short. Today I’m featuring one of the funniest of the bunch.

These tidbits of talent are gifts to the fans who have helped build his arieScope production company to a full-fledged working Hollywood company.

This year to celebrate 20 years of making these great shorts, Green also made a full-length documentary, that project is free to the public; watch it here.

Monster Problems is a hilarious slice of life look at the scary things we thought were living in our bedrooms as kids and our line of defense against them.

Derek Mears, Kelly Vrooman and Colton Dunn star in this perfectly timed bit that focuses on the logistics of the scare and what happens when one monster in the group misses his cue.

The Tarantino-style rants and kvetching is comedy gold. Take a look:

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