Horror Short Sunday: ‘Lurking Near’

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We’re embracing the end of daylight savings time this Horror Short Sunday with the cold, dark, and desolate short film Lurking Near. This brilliantly atmospheric film is directed by Alexandros Karpas, and written by Sakis Karpas and Giorgos Pritskas.

High up in the mountains, a forest scout begins to suspect something sinister is stalking him in the darkness. The short follows our lone protagonist in the sprawling wilderness, and elevates the feeling of isolation by favoring visual storytelling over unnatural dialogue. (Who’s a guy to talk to all by himself on a mountain?)

Lurking Near brings a hush over the viewer with its subdued execution, and lets the environment do all the talking. The sound of dead leaves crunching under our main character’s boots is only accompanied by the quickening of his breath as he slowly realizes the danger he’s in. The nighttime scenes in the film are truly pitch black with the scout’s campfire and lantern only warding off the enveloping darkness so much.

This 20-minute short is a slow burn as the man realizes he has worse things to deal with than the local wildlife. Writer Sakis Karpas is pulling double duty by also playing the lead character, and tells the whole story with spot on facial expressions and body language.

What waits in the woods? Check out the full video of Lurking Near below to find out!

Tune in again next week for another edition of Horror Short Sunday, and remember to turn those clocks back!

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