'Luna' (2013) - The Mexico House, Film Gnomes via Vimeo

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For those of you who missed the Super Blood Wolf Moon this past week, this week’s Horror Short Sunday pick Luna (2013) should be a nice consolation prize. This gritty film is written and directed by Antonio Perez, and stars Arlene Santana, John Freeman, and Daniela Leon.

Here is a quick description:

As the sun sets sets quickly on the desert horizon, gunshots are heard ringing out in the distance. A terrified young girl must hide to stay alive when a mysterious man comes upon her family’s secluded home with murderous intent.

This horror western is reminiscent to No Country for Old Men not just in the location, but in the subdued tone as well. A grisly murder scene unfolds before our eyes with raw, disturbing realism, and Luna’s understated execution allows the horrific brutality to really sink in.

As we watch the killer lay out his victims in the yard, we’re left wondering if this is a random act of senseless violence, or something more. Perez keeps the audience completely engaged by slowly revealing the mystery behind the killer and his victims.

Director of photography Andrés E. Sánchez graces Luna with captivating cinematography displaying a haunting beauty in the golden hour desert setting. The film relies heavily on visual storytelling, and Sánchez makes the most of every shot using simple statements that are just as artfully composed as they are descriptive.

Check out the full short film Luna below:

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