'Larry' (2017) via Vimeo

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Fight winter boredom with this week’s chilling Horror Short Sunday pick Larry (2017). We’re all familiar with short film success stories like Lights Out, Mama, and Oculus, which were all eventually remade into full-length Hollywood features. Jacob Chase’s Larry is one of the most recent to be plucked from the interwebs for its feature film treatment.

Early in 2018, Deadline reported Amblin Partners would be bringing Larry to the big screen with The Picture Company’s Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman producing. Original creator Jacob Chase will see the project through as writer/director, much like David F. Sandberg did with Lights Out. So what is the Larry about, you ask?

Here’s a quick summary:

Joe is planted firmly in his tiny parking attendant booth working the night shift, when he discovers a mangled iPad in the lost-and-found box. He powers on the device, and sees the short tale of a creepy, misunderstood monster named Larry staring back at him. As Joe studies the unsettling images, he begins to notice shadows moving outside in the darkness. Is Joe’s tired mind playing tricks on him, or is Larry looking for a new friend?

Larry delivers on the creep-factor using the eerie location to its full advantage. Joe (played by Joe Calarco) is lit up like a beacon in the middle of the pitch-black, abandoned car lot, and knows danger can come from any direction. Chase plays trick on his audience with shadowy silhouettes, while cinematographer Danny Grunes often puts us in Joe’s point-of-view to experience his paranoia. The drawings of Larry make your imagination run wild of what’s hiding in the blackness.

The sound department immerses viewers in the environment with the sounds of crickets chirping, fluorescent lights flickering, and Joe’s breath quickening. But your hairs will raise when you hear the cracking of Larry skittering about. The sound effects punctuate the silence perfectly as you realize your eyes really aren’t playing tricks on you.

Larry is a simple short horror vignette that provides some effective, spine-tingling scares. According to Deadline, the big screen remake will be taking the technology angle, and adding the story line of “a troubled young boy who creates the monster from his own nightmares.”

Some shorts prove to have enough content to justify a feature-length remake, while others may being stretching their short films too thin. It sound like we’ll find out which category Larry falls into soon enough. Check out the full short film below!

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