Horror Short Sunday: ‘Killer Kart’

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Take a break from all the holiday hustle and bustle to enjoy this week’s Horror Short Sunday pick Killer Kart! Writer/director James Feeney’s Killer Kart is the perfect B-movie for all you bloodthirsty Black Friday consumers. This schlocky horror production from The Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts stars Christine Rodriguez, Ray Bouchard, Ella Schaefer, and Britt Michael Gordon.

Cass (Rodriguez) is trying to shuffle the last of the customers out the door to wrap up her first day as the store manager at the local supermarket. As the staff are finishing their closing duties, a sudden power outage seems to be the most poetic way to end her shift. But Cass’ stress-filled night is just getting started, as she begins to notice her employees are now missing…and something evil is loose in the darkened supermarket. “Can someone please clean up the blood in aisle 5?”

Killer Kart shows you don’t need crazy CGI, makeup, and practical effects to make a fun monster flick. With a solid script, and a bit of imagination, Feeney’s team turns an everyday shopping cart into a menacing object for delivering carnage. Director of photography Devin Dailey does a great job shooting around the props, using first-person camera angles from the cart’s perspective, and moving the carts from off-screen to bring them to life.

Of course, a film like this hinges greatly on its actors selling the terror, and the cast does a marvelous job playing the horror archetypes we know and love. The gruff custodian Hale (Bouchard) is particularly hilarious being a man who’s seen enough shit in his day to be prepared for the shopping cart apocalypse. His cryptic shopping cart monologue is so absurd you’ll absolutely love it.

Killer Kart is the type of fun, self-aware horror film you can’t help but smile at despite how ridiculous it is. If movies like Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive (1986) and Rubber (2010) are your guilty pleasure, then add this to your hell on wheels horror roster. Head over to their Facebook page for more info on the film, and check out the full horror short Killer Kart below!

What are some of your favorite guilty pleasure horror flicks? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to take a look at our other Horror Short Sunday picks posted every week!

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