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Horror Short Sunday: ‘Is That You?’

by Timothy Rawles

Young Whitney has suffered a leg injury and won’t be participating in Halloween this year. A little bitter she turns on the television to watch a cable access program complete with a horror host named Count Spookula. But there is also something watching Whitney that’s a whole lot creepier.

That is the premise for this week’s short called Is That You? first released in 2017. Directed by James Morris, this mini-movie pays heavy homage to John Carpenter, just check out the awesome opening credits.

It’s a part of an anthology series called The Witching Season. Although this is a stand-alone, Is That You? shares connections with others in the series.

Standard plot aside, this short is drenched in some great atmosphere, solid performances, and some pretty good monster work however brief its camera time.

If you like this film check out the entire series on Amazon Prime.

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