Horror Short Sunday: ‘House Call’

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While last week’s Horror Short Sunday felt like a 90’s gateway horror throwback, this week’s short House Call (2011) is reminiscent of an 80’s B-movie horror flick. Written and directed by Erik L. Wilson, House Call stars Aimee Bello, Michael Jordan, Brad Egger, and Janet Gawrys.

Here’s a brief description:

Janice has grown tired of her abusive husband, and finally rids herself of him once and for all to be with a another man. But her ex-mother-in-law doesn’t intend to let the new couple live happily ever after. The old crone seeks revenge for the murder of her son, and casts a curse on the lovebirds to make sure they won’t live to see their next anniversary.

House Call is a good, old-fashioned supernatural tale, complete with black magic, an old crone, malevolent spirits, and plenty of gore. If you’re a fan of Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead and Stan Winston’s Pumpkinhead (and of course you are), then you’re in for a treat.

The makeup effects by Tony Wash feature some nice prosthetics, creepy contacts, and plenty of fake blood giving the film that classic horror movie charm. But what makes House Call feel most like an 80’s throwback is how it mixes scares with fun to create a spooky atmosphere without taking itself too seriously.

Check out House Call below:

‘House Call’ (2011) via Vimeo

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