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Got 5 Minutes to Kill? Enjoy These 5 Horror Short Films

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Life gets a little hectic at times, and when that occurs, we have to get our excitement in where we can. The influx of short horror films in recent years has given us a great opportunity to do just that. Each of the following short movies – save for one – comes in under the 5-minute mark. The one that’s a bit longer? It’s closer to 10 minutes, but it’s well worth the watch.

1. The Little Witch

This film starts out like so many others: a beautiful day simply being enjoyed. A father and daughter duo are having a blast in the yard, and they eventually take the fun inside where the day draws to a close. Once the little one is in bed, she falls victim to the fear that there might be a monster somewhere in the room. Based on this list’s focus, you can probably guess whether something is actually lurking in the darkness.

2. The Smiling Man

Most of us have had a creepy feeling whenever walking somewhere in the dark. Heck, some people refuse to even walk anywhere after sunset for this specific reason. The Smiling Man puts a face to this fear – albeit a smiling one. One thing that’s important to know, though: a smile isn’t always a good thing.

3. Eden

When you take out the credits of this video, you’re left with a horror short film that’s actually under three minutes. Other flicks on this list pull off the same timeframe, but a lot seems to happen in just the few seconds this film takes place. Because of that, I’ll stick with the official synopsis:

“As three friends head home after a late-night, they find themselves being stalked by a man’s greatest weakness.”

That’s all you need – if that! The movie is less than three minutes for crying out loud! If you don’t like it, you lost a whole three minutes. We lost way more than that watching the Cabin Fever remake.

4. Last Bus Home

This horror short tells a classic story, but I can’t really tell you which one without spoiling the unveiling. The basis of the story is that a young woman is sitting at a bus stop waiting for her way home. She runs into a young guy there, and a terrifying experience ensues. Will there be a happy ending? Again, it’s only three minutes long. You’ll find out soon enough.

5. Still Life

Okay, admittedly this horror short film is a little longer than five minutes. Only a little, though! We get started with a guy just riding along to an important destination, but when he comes into a strange town, weird things start happening almost immediately. Still Life is definitely this writer’s favorite of the bunch.

What are Your Favorite Horror Short Films?

Now that you’ve spent a little over 10 minutes enjoying these awesome mini flicks, did you get sucked into YouTube seeking out more? Did you find any horror short films that we didn’t include here (we know you did)? Tell us about them in the comments!

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