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Like all of you reading this, I love horror. Horror movies, film, TV, music, books: most aspects of my life include the genre. But there is one thing that has missed out on my love for gore: my feet. But fear not, brave readers, for I have scoured them internets for the glory that is…horror shoes.

Oh, even the words give you goosebumps. Customization is what it’s all about these days and there are artists out there that will put your favorite slasher, baddie, cannibalistic serial killer, etc on your plain ole kicks.  Let’s take a look, shall we? And try to restrain your excitement/fangirling/fanboying/screaming like a school girl.

Horror Shoes
Michael and Jason shoes by Sink or Swim Kicks

Ch-ch-ch- your ah-ah-ah to your nee-ne-ne-nee-ne-nevermind. NEXT!

Horror Shoes
Poe flats by LeadFootLucy

Nevermore will you have boring feet with these ballet flats.

Horror Shoes
Poe heels by MissFiendishApparel

Or these dark and dreary heels.

Horror Shoes
Halloween shoes by Off the Wall Customs

As a huge fan of the Halloween franchise, I NEED these shoes.

Horror Shoes
Freddy shoes by Seriously Savage

Be a Dream Warrior in these bad ass kicks.

Horror Shoes
IT shoes by Chergnomebyl- Creature Feature

Snag these so you can float your way to the opening of the new IT remake

Horror Kicks
Silence of the Lamb shoes by Sink or Swim Kicks

These shoes would go great with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Horror Shoes
Freddy heels by Zombie Peepshow

1…2…buy these shoes for you. 3…4…and then get a pair for me too, kthanx.

Horror Shoes
Killer Klowns shoes by Chergnomebyl- Creature Feature

These shoes are effectively cute and terrifying to anyone with a clown phobia.

Horror Shoes
AHS Coven shoes by CornucopiaStore

Cute and dangerous, these shoes may eat you.

Horror Shoes
Chucky shoes by VeryBadThing on DeviantArt

Shut up and take my money!!!

Horror Shoes
Evil Dead shoes by Chergnomebyl- Creature Feature


Horror Shoes
Friday the 13th shoes by Zombie Peepshow

I can’t EVEN. These shoes just did the feet equivalent of a mic drop. I don’t think that these can be beat. Good-bye, bank account balance. It was good while it lasted but I need me some horror shoes.

Need even more horror goodies in your life? Check out this list of creepy dolls you may, or may not, want in your home. If you want to see more creepy shoes, check out this article on one of the featured artists in the list.

(Featured shoes by Zombie Peepshow)