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Horror Pride Month is Back at iHorror for the Third Year Starting June 1st

by Waylon Jordan
Horror Pride Month

Horror Pride Month, iHorror’s yearly celebration of LGBTQ+ horror creatives is back for its third year and it’s bigger and better than ever.

The year arrives with more interviews with filmmakers, authors, actors, and more who are working in the horror genre, as well as spotlighting LGBTQ+ themes throughout the genre’s long history.

Those interviews include Nicholas Vince who appeared as the Chatterer Cenobite in Hellraiser, Zoey Luna who is set to star in the upcoming reboot of The Craft, and Daniel Newman who appeared on The Walking Dead and the remake of Children of the Corn. Additionally, we’ll be spotlighting some incredible independent filmmakers such as Marc Cartwright, Comika Hartford, and Dutch Marich.

Throughout the month, we’ll pepper in articles about the history of the genre and the role the LGBTQ community has played in shaping what it is today. All of this will happen, of course, right alongside our regular news coverage.

From its inception, Horror Pride Month has worked from the idea that diverse creatives bring new and exciting possibilities to the genre and that representation of marginalized groups helps bolster the continued fight for equality and equity worldwide. It’s much easier to pretend that we are not here if we are never seen, after all.

This year feels especially important, however.

Covid-19 has squashed most Pride celebrations around the globe, and the community has taken it in stride. This isn’t the first time we’ve faced such setbacks and so we nodded our heads and carried on. That doesn’t mean we won’t be missing the annual time we share to gather together and celebrate the moment when our community finally stood up and demanded to be treated fairly under the law.

The tenets of Horror Pride Month have always been Inclusion, Visibility, Representation, and Equality. At the close of last year’s celebration, I added Gratitude, as well.

We will carry these forward throughout this year’s celebration and beyond.

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