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Horror Pride Month: Actress Zoey Luna

by Waylon Jordan
Zoey Luna

Zoey Luna is an actress with a plan, and so far it’s working out for her. A lifelong horror fan who is starring in the upcoming reboot of The Craft, she told all her friends that she was going to be a movie star at age 18 and she is well on her way.

The bubbly, charismatic young actress spoke with me for iHorror’s Horror Pride Month celebration, and she could not be more excited to be stepping into something as iconic as The Craft.

“Just to be in The Craft as my first movie is insane!” she gushed. “It’s been a thrill. It’s been amazing. I’m going to focus on the positive. This has been a huge positive in my life. The acting was great. Everyone was great at what they do and the director, Zoe [Lister-Jones], was just so amazing. Everyone made me feel at home. It was a really beautiful experience.”

This is only Luna’s third acting gig, she previously worked with Rosario Dawson on a short film titled Boundless and she made an appearance on Pose under the direction of Janet Mock.

Some might say this isn’t much, but for a teenage trans actress of color, those credits are astonishing. Of course everyone knows Laverne Cox and Alexandra Billings, and some horror fans might be able to name Angelica Ross who appeared in American Horror Story: 1984 as well as Pose, but on the whole trans actresses and especially non-white trans actresses have a harder time finding work.

Part of this has to do with the fact that so few trans characters are written and when they are, they’re given to cis-actors. Part of it is that trans actors and actresses are not taken seriously when they audition for non-trans roles. And some filmmakers are just plain bigots.

Zoey Luna has always known she was a girl even after her brother took it upon himself to her that she was actually a boy because she had a penis when they were small children. It didn’t shake her resolve however, as she grew up.

“That’s when I realized there was a problem, not with me, but with the world,” she explained.”I felt one way and they all felt another way just because of what was in my pants, and I thought, none of you guys are going to have sex with me so why the f*ck do you care?”

Coming out and being open about her identity was a challenge, especially in her home.

“You know, there was a problem because we’re Latinos,” she pointed out. “My dad was the man of the house. It was a really big difficult moment for my mom because of the reputation for my dad. So she kept it a pretty big secret between me and her for a while until he passed away. Once he died, I had a new life. My mom was always pretty supportive. The TV liked to make it look like she’s really an angel and she’s very nice-ish, but we’ve had a lot of problems.”

Problems or no, Luna has found her own path and continues to work hard at her chosen profession saying she’d love to do more horror films in the future. In fact, she wants nothing less than to be one of those women in the films that she grew up watching running away from a masked killer.

The Craft is currently in post-production and awaiting an official release date. Stay tuned for more details on that project as they become available.

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