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Horror Parody Short ‘Bonhomme’ Gives Canadian Mascot the Terror Treatment

by Kelly McNeely
bonhomme short

Bonhomme is the official representative of the Québec Winter Carnival. White as snow, wearing a red toque and arrow sash, he embodies the “joie de vivre” of Quebecers. But in this horror parody fake trailer, he embodies everything we fear.

In Bonhomme, a trip to the Québec Winter Carnival takes an unexpected turn when four friends are paid a visit from a famous demonic French Canadian snowman.

Filmmakers Lauren & Cait have created a fantastic A24 parody trailer that embraces the dark tone and overall spooky vibe of the production company’s horror fare, while leaning in to every trope in the book. The result is pretty damn delightful, with a perfect balance of nuanced humor which — like a curler sweeping the ice — really guides this satire to its goal.

Bonhomme seems to be the perfect mascot to receive the terror treatment; there’s something about him that’s juuuust the right level of unnerving, while still remaining completely ridiculous. And, naturally, the icy rural wasteland of Canada is the perfect setting for any isolated-but-still-fun-and-cozy horror film. It’s basically made for screams in the night, in the woods, all alone.

Starring Tommy Marshall, Tim Myles, Caitlin Russell, Lauren Andrews, and Rachel Anderson as the Bonhomme, the short was also written and directed by Andrews with cinematography by Aaron Hanek, and produced by Russell.

Andrews and Russell — who met at Ryerson film school — make sketch comedy videos every week on their channel Lauren & Cait (formerly This Might Be Funny). Andrews writes and directs the videos, Russell produces them, and they edit together. Each short is made with friends from their film class using little to no budget and has a turnaround of a week or less.

The trailer — which you can watch below — refers to a couple of other short films that the team have made. If you dig Bonhomme, you can check out more of their work here.

Additional credits:
Assistant camera and gaffer: Nick Tiringer
Sound by: Gorjan Veletic
Original Music by: Kelly Steinhoff and Charles Hutchings

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