Horror Movies Paired With Tom Hanks’ David S. Pumpkins Character Is Pure Gold


Written by Patti Pauley

In case you may have missed the entire Internet this week, Tom Hanks who recently hosted another smashing episode of Saturday Night Live, gave us fans one of the greatest gifts he could ever give us outside of his mere existence- David S. Pumpkins. Oh, any questions? For those who haven’t a damn clue what I’m even talking about, let’s bring you up to speed with this little clip featured below.


Sure I have a question after seeing this above clip, why hasn’t Obama declared Tom Hanks a national treasure as of yet? Anywho, Hanks’ character of Sir David S. Pumpkins went over hysterically well with fans and he’s pretty much the greatest comedic Halloween gift anyone could ask for. That is until BuzzFeed staff member Jesse McLaren got hold of him and wrapped up Hanks’ Halloween character in a neat little bow by photo-shopping Pumpkins into classic horror movies. That’s right boils and ghouls. David S. Pumpkins has broken free out of those pesky ’73 out off 100 floors of fright’ and jumped into such horror gems as Halloween, Insidious, and The Shining. So sit back and behold the Halloween magic of David S. Pumpkins!



  1. Not sure why you guys report on true crimes like this. I love this site but do not like my escape into horror fun infiltrated with these tragic stories. Said with respect…

  2. I will withhold any judgment until a trailer comes out. Until then my only worry is that replacing Kurt Russell might be too tall an order.


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