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Last month here on iHorror we showed you a pretty awesome fan-made ‘horror map’ of the United States, which replaced the individual states with the logos for iconic horror movies – based on where they were set. Be sure to check that out, if you missed it.

This week, the fine folks over on Roadrippers have whipped up an equally awesome horror map of their own, this time shining the spotlight on the places in the country where our most beloved big screen villains reside.

Aptly titled ‘The Terrifying Guide of Villain Lairs,’ the fun infographic takes you on a road trip tour of the United States, stopping off at places like the Myers house, the Bates Motel, Camp Crystal Lake and even the fictional town of Derry, from Stephen King’s IT.

Check out the full map below, to find out which state your favorite villain calls home!

Horror Map