How to Tell if a Horror Movie Genuinely Scared You

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Many genre fans pride themselves on not getting scared while watching a horror film. Nevertheless, once in a while a movie will stick with you after the credits roll. I actually enjoy walking away from a movie feeling a little spooked.

Have you ever experienced any lasting effects of watching a good fright film? Do the things that go bump in the night bump a little louder, a little closer? Ever have a feeling that someone is standing right behind you, convinced you can feel their breath on your neck? Wondering “Why do I do this to myself when I am home alone”?

I have definitely been there too, my friends.  Have any of the following ever happened to you?

You Start Hearing Noises

We have all been there; you just turned off the television and still have the creeps from the movie you just watched.  Maybe the floor creaks a little, or you are sure you heard the front door open. Either way, you are filled with unease by any unusual sound. I assume it is a demon coming to skin me alive, but that might just be me.

Oh no, what was that sound?  It must have been Fluffy running around again.

Wait a minute, I don’t have a cat.

Image via Flickr

You Feel the Need to Check on your Children or Pets

It’s funny to me that watching a movie with a child or an animal in it makes you concerned for the safety of those in your home.  I am always peeking in the kids’ room just to make sure they are safe and there is not a scary monster looming in the corner.

Hey little Billy, are you okay in there or did a monster eat your face off?  No need to be alarmed, Mommy is just checking…

Image via Pinterest

You’re Afraid to go to the Basement (or Bathroom, or Garage)

This is the classic sign of a great horror movie to me – you have a debilitating fear of wandering through your own home.  I am sure many of you have had the feeling of dread when having to walk downstairs right after a good scare.

I make it a habit of staying away from dark rooms for at least 72 hours after I watch anything slightly frightening. This feeling is magnified X10 if you are at someone else’s house, heaven forbid.

Hey Sally, I’m going to run to the garage for a soda. If I’m not back in one minute and thirty two seconds, call 911 as I have surely been murdered.

Image via Degco

Hanging Your Foot Off the Bed is a Big No-No

Now this one happens to me even when I am not scared.  Granted, I am a giant wimp so it does not take much to freak me out.

Some nights I just want to keep my tootsies safely tucked under the covers.  I just know there is something hiding under this bed, waiting for me to dangle my tasty toe morsels over the edge so they can grab them and drag me down to the pits of hell.

Sorry monster, not today, these toes are staying firmly planted in my blanket fort of safety.

Ok, this picture is seriously terrifying. What the hell, internet??? (Image via FunnyJunk)

You Lock All the Doors and Windows

Have you ever been so freaked out after a movie that you actually felt the need to check and make sure your doors are locked? If it’s summer and the windows are open, do you have a sudden urge to close them?

I’m paranoid about locking up on a normal night so you better believe I am extra sure everything is welded shut after a couple of hours of Netflix.

Hey sweetheart, can I borrow your nail gun? I need to shut the windows.

Image via MetaFilter

You Feel Like it’s Finally Time to Adopt a Very Large Dog

Nothing makes me feel safer than a giant bundle of fur that loves to bark at anything that moves.  Ideally, I would find one that is overprotective and would eat up whatever ghost is invading my personal space just like a Scooby snack.

I think all horror movie fans should just own a really big dog, as a little extra protection. Like Cujo, but without the demonic rabies.

Little Billy, please make sure to take Fido with you when you go to the basement. There may be a serial killer down there.

Image via Stephen King Wiki

Your Closet Feels Like a Portal to an Evil Alternate Dimension

Closets are creepy.  Dark closets, in the corner of a dark room, are even creepier. Sometimes I am convinced I hear a sound over there, or maybe the door moved just a little. Maybe there is a glowing eye peeking out from inside, just watching and waiting.

Well, guess what, you little bundle of evil – I have insomnia so I never sleep. Joke’s on you, you savage beast.

Image via Horror – Ambient Mixer

You Hide Your Head Under the Covers

Alright everyone, this move right here is not just for kids. It can totally work for us too. This is my go-to move after watching a movie with jump scares. I’m convinced that if I open my eyes, a big scary monster will be inches away from my face.

So, to prevent my imminent death, I just pull those covers up and BAM I’m safe. We all know that the boogeyman cannot break through the magical force field of the quilt your grandma made you for your birthday.

Thanks again for the quilt, Gram-Gram!

Image via Ghostly Activities

What movie made you feel the most frightened afterward?  What gave you the most nightmares as an adult, or as a kid? Is there a movie that – to this day – still makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up? Share your thoughts the comments below!

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