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Written by Patti Pauley

We at iHorror have seen some pretty impressive horror movie cakes in the past, but never something as stunningly detailed and downright realistic as these devious desserts! Enter the world of renowned cake artists Natalie and Dave Sideserf and Sideserf cakes!



The couple out of Austin, Texas are the focal point of Food Network’s Texas Cake House and have made quite the names for themselves as their killer creations have appeared on numerous talk shows and news outlets, paving way for much deserved OOO’s and AHH’s from onlookers of these eerily realistic cake concoctions!


 To see more of these beautifully terrifying creations head on over to Sideserf’s Facebook and Instagram, or hey if you’re interested in commissioning a horror themed cake that will both mystify and delight your senses, check out their official website to request a quote by clicking here!

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