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Horror Masks Change The Face of Pandemic Safety & Social Duty

by Timothy Rawles

Public safety has been the top priority when it comes to deciding whether or not the country should re-open. Specifically, face masks* are a hot commodity, artists working overtime to create a fun and colorful alternative to medical-grade blue.

As with any fashion trend, even a mandatory one, style is the key ingredient. So we went on a hunt through Etsy and beyond to discover some of the best horror-themed masks we could find and needless to say we found a lot.

Although some stylized masks are not approved for use by medical officials, wearing one in public shows your sense of social responsibility as well as your taste in pop culture. They are almost like concert tees when it comes to connecting with fellow fans.

We found these examples of coverings. Some taken from horror movies, others limited only to one’s imagination. Some of these are traditional face masks, while others are more like buffs that have a range of coverage.

Additionally, we came across a lot of designs that were run through a personalization app. These companies upload pictures onto fabric. Vendors then sell them through their personal market.  We included those only because some people will pay for convenience.


WellDoneGoods has handcrafted these Xenomorph Facehuggers ($30). Get your Ripley on (Jonesy not included) and show the world you’re not in hypersleep anymore.


WellDoneGoods on Etsy


This silicone darling from ($60) adds another dimension to social distancing.


WORKfromHell on Etsy

WORKfromHell on Etsy

WORKfromHell on Etsy


TeekaBoom on Etsy is giving Jason life with their “Bloody Hockey Mask Reusable Dust Mask Bandana Headband Neck Gaiter.”


TeeKaboom on Etsy

Leather, Dye, Rivet, Buckle

Does this make me look like a dragon slayer? EpicLeather on Etsy has us riveted with his half mask which is more RPG than CDC.

Dragon Slayer's Lower Half Mask

EpicLeather on Etsy


Silence of the Lambs

AggressiveFashion pays homage to Hannibal the Cannibal himself with their version of his face restraint.

 AggressiveFashion on Etsy

AggressiveFashion on Etsy

Child’s Play

Chucky will have you in stitches with this mask complete with, well, stitches. Also, the same company called StudioClique is opening the door to Jack Torrance with their Shining tribute.

 StudioClique on Etsy

Leather Fun

This mask from UchronicTime might as well be called “SteamPumkin.” It’s a bit pricey ($104.90) and more of a costume, but it will do the trick while giving the public a treat before Halloween.

UchronicTime on Etsy

UchronicTime on Etsy

All Icons

We found this versatile face-covering on Amazon. We thought it was perfect for those who can’t decide who their favorite horror icon is.


Caimizogojocrz on Amazon

Caimizogojocrz on Amazon

Hotel Carpet

Here is another symbol of horror history from GorejessLaboratory on Etsy. The Shining hexagon is exclusive to the Overlook Hotel. This is one of those items that you either “know or you don’t know.”

The Shining Carpet by GorejessLaboratory

The Shining Carpet by

*It should be noted that the masks listed in this article are not of medical-grade. Information on face masks that the CDC approves for public use can be found HERE.

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