Every Halloween season, there are those who push their yard decor a little too far, and piss off all their neighbors. Those stories are to be expected around that time of the year, but it’s rare that Christmas decorations result in that sort of public outrage…

As reported by ABC News, an electrician in Pennsylvania has been ‘terrorizing’ his neighbors for the past six years with a particularly eye-catching holiday yard display, which features a urinating Santa, a decapitated choir and a Virgin Mary with a knife through her head.


Not surprisingly, neighbors are none too happy about the display, though the man insists that it is they who gave his Christmas spirit a dark makeover.

Years ago, Bill Ansell’s home was one of the most joyful on the entire block, the exterior of his house decorated with lights and the lawn loaded with holiday displays. When one neighbor complained that the lights were so bright that they were blinding her, Ansell snapped, and ever since his festive decor has become sinister.


This display is dedicated to Ross Township,” reads a sign posted on Ansell’s home. “Shame on you for destroying my display that brought so much joy and happiness to so many people.”

Despite repeated calls to police, Ansell’s neighbors say that nothing has been done about his lurid display, and they’re getting to the point where they feel that moving is the only way to escape his Scrooge-like reign of terror.


The Township has taken and will continue to take appropriate legal action,” ensures Grant Montgomery, president of the Ross Board of Commissioners.

Though a court order instructed Ansell to clean up his lawn earlier this year, his anti-Christmas decorations are still up for all to see.