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Holiday Horror Sweaters to Get You Through the Season!

by Kelly McNeely

As much as I cringe to say it, the holiday season is fast approaching. Why does it make me cringe, you ask? Because I never know what the hell to get anyone as a gift – I always search high and low for that perfect present that screams “I understand you as a person”. Thankfully, there is one weird tradition that seems to suit everyone. Festive ugly sweaters.

Don’t ask me why ugly sweaters are so popular because I don’t fully understand it. But I do know that you can find an ugly sweater design for just about every aesthetic or fandom. It’s a really bizarre blessing. They’re tacky as hell, but they make for a fun (and incredibly comfortable) way to embrace the holiday spirit.

Now, if you’re a normal human being who hasn’t checked everyone off their list, or if you’ve already finished your holiday shopping (HOW?!? IT’S STILL NOVEMBER) but don’t know what to ask for yourself – baby, I’ve got you covered. Have a look at our list of some wonderfully festive horror themed sweaters, and may they act as an inspirational gift guide for the horror hound in your life (even if that’s you).

Xenomorph sweater via Middle of Beyond


Gimme Some Sugar via Evil Dead Fan Club

Happy Horrordays via Cavity Colors


Good Guy, Ugly Guy via ShirtPunch

Black Metal Snowman via Shredders Apparel


Elvira Sweater via Middle of Beyond


Silent Hill via ShirtPunch


Ugly IT-mas Sweater via wolfkrusemark on Design By Humans

Zombie Ugly Sweater via BigtimeTeez on Etsy

Monster Holiday Sweater via WhosTonyRamos on Design by Humans

Friday the 13th via Middle of Beyond

Dreaming of a Red Christmas via Terror Threads


For more holiday horror sweaters, click here!

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