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It’s that time of year again folks! From cobwebs to mummies, to witches galore, to monsters and vampires, the endless haunts has us screaming for more!

The Halloween season signifies so many things. Fall, the cold tingling in the air, the beautiful colors changing almost seemingly overnight. But most importantly, television brings back familiar favorites and possible future favorites.

From Disney to FX to FOX, the theme of Halloween and the spook factor comes at us with lightning speed. Perhaps one of the best enjoyed nights are those spent in front of a fireplace with a big bucket of popcorn indulging in our favorite scary movie.

With the thought of what might be lurking outside in the dark….

These types of movies come with a plethora of themes: cute, spooky, horrifying……downright ridiculous. But you can bet that there is always something on during the Fall season to tickle your scary bone.


Courtesy Of Disney

It is rare to see this movie appear during the year other than Halloween time. But every time the Sanderson sisters bless the screen, the inner child in all of us stays glued giggling with glee. It is hard to fathom that the “horror-comedy” film was first released by Disney 21 years ago! The film pays homage to the witches of Salem with a modern day twist [well, 21 years ago]. Initially considered “lackluster” by a few mean critics, Hocus Pocus has spawned its own cult following and will be showing frequently in the weeks to come!


trick r treat sam
Trick R’ Treat

What horror fan truly doesn’t love a good ol’ anthology series? Trick R’ Treat was realeased in 2007 and introduced us to a pint-sized villian name Sam. Sam isn’t your average trick or treater, donning tattered orange pajamas and a burlap sack over his head, we only realize what Sam truly is when we reach the end of the film. The film is unfolded in various pieces that all have the same common denominator- Sam. As the stories evolve, we meet werewolves, an old man that truly hates Halloween and a bus full of kids who meet an untimely fate one Halloween night. Trick R’ Treat is definitely a great film to watch to get you in the Halloween spirit, and fans will be pleased to know that the sequel is currently in production.


Dead Silence

When this film first came out, it was met with mixed reviews. But how can you deny that the background of Mary Shaw is truly terrifying in its own right? Dead Silence plays homage to ventriloquists. In this creepy film, a man loses his wife in a horrendous murder and in order to find out why she was killed, he needs to visit his past, something he has been running from, and uncover a deep, dark family secret.

Dead Silence is brought to you by the same individuals that created the Saw franchise as well as The Conjuring and the upcoming film Annabelle. The film is available on Netflix instant and if watched late at night when home alone,  it just might change how you perceive the film….


Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice
A haunt wouldn’t be a haunt if you didn’t have some haunting!  It has been nearly 26 years since Michael Keaton stepped onto the scene as a grotesque bio-exorcist ghost of sorts who is hired on by a newly deceased couple to help them get rid of the current occupants of their home. What makes this movie truly unique is the fact that is directed by Tim Burton, who has an uncanny eye for recreating the dead in ways we could never imagine. The feel good movie has an interesting theme as well as a plethora of interesting characters, both alive and dead.
On a side note, who remembers Beetlejuice, the cartoon that aired on Saturday mornings?


scream 4
Wes Craven’s Scream

A Halloween would not be complete without a teenage slasher. This Wes Craven-directed franchise series eventually brought in 3 other films of the same name that revolved around the Woodsboro murders. Interesting concept is that Scream is actually partially based on the Gainesville Ripper, Daniel Harold Rolling , who murdered 5 students in Florida. Rolling committed his murders in a more horrific manner and had even decapitated his victims. His killing spree inspired Kevin Williamson to pen Scream which became an instant hit.


Tourist Trap

Back when horror films were really grand without the special effects of CGI and fancy story lines, there were the low budget B films that used the creepy characters and the unknown to attract their horror fans. The film first appeared in repeated showings on cable television in the 80’s, brining the flick more unique fans as it aired over the years.

Tourist Trap is a cult classic amongst those that are fan’s of the 70’s horror and brings the element of telekinesis and moving and talking mannequins to really bring in the scare factor.


Scary Movie

Wrapping up this list is perhaps the most scariest of all, The Wayans Brothers parody of all horror, Scary Movie. Encompassing Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, the slap stick comedy which is deemed a comedy-horror, makes fun of the stereotypical events that occur in horror movies along with the usual fare of unsuspecting victims and most controllable situations.

What are some of your favorite flicks to watch during the witching season?

Creature Feature Poster by Byron Winton