Jeremy Shane

“My mom used to work at the public library. There were no movie theaters in my home town (still, in fact), so she would sometimes bring the reel to reel projector home, hang a white sheet on the wall, and show movies. Night of the LIving Dead and Dawn of the Dead were staples. They have been a part of my life since an early, early age. Night made an especially huge impact when nearby Cumberland, MD was mentioned (one of the closest places to see a movie, coincidentally). I have been enamored of Romero’s work for practically my entire life. Creepshow, Knightrider, and Martin still astound. I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Romero at a few different conventions. The first time, as you can imagine, I was stoked. I bought a whole bag of things to get signed, but convention rules said only one item in addition to an 8×10. After carefully choosing which item to get signed, George Romero noticed the rest of the stuff I had clumsily held onto for a couple of hours while waiting in line. He offered to sign them all. I mentioned the one-item rule to which he replied: “I don’t see any police around.”