George Cook

“I met George Romero at Mad Monster 2016 in Charlotte NC. He has been a hero of mine since my early teen years when I first got into horror. His films showed that horror could be a medium for scathing social commentary and not just schlock. I had the chance to chat with him a for a short while and he signed a canvas poster and an 80s Media VHS release of Night of the Living Dead. He was shocked to see the tape and asked if I actually watched tapes. I told him about having VCRs in most every room and about first discovering this films on tape. He seemed overjoyed and nostalgic. Sadly he was in bad health even at the time. He had a sign saying he would not personalize any signatures, and just signing seemed to put him in tremendous pain. He’s by far the nicest celebrity I’ve ever had the chance to meet. He was down to earth, and we have lost a genius. His passing has been one of the hardest celebrity deaths for me. My hero is gone.”