Dawn Authier

“I saw that horror legend and godfather of the zombie genre, George Romero was coming to the Motor City Nightmares this year.
Amanda saw how geeked out I was and deep down, I knew she was as well. So, she got us tickets to the convention and we awaited that Saturday like some kids wait in line at the mall to meet Santa. The day arrived and we got in line to have a professional pic taken because, when you meet a legend, you want that memory to look good. So, George and his wife arrive and they greet everyone. Both Amanda and I were amazed at how tall he was. As he sat down on the stool, his wife called out, “Don’t forget your glasses, George!” He reached into his shirt pocket, smiled at us and said, “Oh yeah. I’m not me without these!” It was now time to stand next to him and get our picture. I could not help but jokingly say, “I hear ya. I’m not me without these either”, gesturing to my own glasses. Now, honestly, I have no idea if it was his or my idea but, we swapped glasses. I had no idea his glasses were for show. Mine are bifocals. I am sure he thought, “Holy shit this broad is blind as a bat!” That and I look like the late Harry Carey in his. Amanda, on the other hand, swooned because her husband got to wear the iconic glasses. Later, we got his autograph on the picture. Everyone, including George and his wife, thought that pic was a hit. I don’t know how many people he swapped glasses with but, judging from everyone’s reaction to it, it isn’t many. We briefly discussed movies and I got to tell him I loved “Land of the Dead and of all his “Dead” films, that was my favorite as I dug the social commentary he used on it. He said it was his favorite as well. We shook hands, thanked him and left. Both Amanda and I on cloud nine. Fast forward to today and hearing the sad news that “Uncle” George had passed. There will never be anyone who can point out the faults of society by way of zombies like him ever again. The horror genre lost one of its masters. I think I will watch some Tales from the Darkside (Which he produced) and maybe, spend the night with the Living Dead. Rest in peace, you magnificent S.O.B.!”