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Horror Fans Are Uniting Over This Big Idea

by Timothy Rawles

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When it comes to talking horror, nothing means more than authentic opinions from true fans. We’ve found something special that will let that bloodhound in you be heard to horror fans around the world. Yes, it’s that important.

It’s called Stardust, a new mobile app where you can create, share, and watch 3-30 second “reaction” videos to movies, TV shows, and trailers with others. It’s a concept tailor made for horror fans, and we’re honestly not sure how no one thought of this before.

Check out how Stardusters reacted to the latest “IT” trailer:

Horror fans often get it right. Years of experience allows us to say, “we know what we like and what we don’t.” We are probably the only community that can give a film momentum just based on our reviews. Often, we do it through social media.

Problem is, it’s hard to find each other amongst all pictures of food or people working out, political posts from moms,
and worst of all, THE ADS! We need a dedicated place to talk horror amongst ourselves free of all the other crap.

Stardust might be just what the evil doctor ordered, as it’s the first social app built only for the discussion of movies, TV shows, and trailers amongst real fans .

What we like about it is that it’s also troll-proof, nobody is hidden behind words and each reaction is honest and entertaining because their thoughts are still fresh.

Was Annabelle a string of good jump scares? Or was there also a great narrative?

              Watch Your Friend’s Latest Reactions                                 See What Others Fans Are Saying


Stardust’s Director of Marketing, Jake Konner put it best, “Horror fans are some of the most passionate, vocal, and creative people out there. We want to give the community an easy and powerful way to share their unfiltered opinions with each other.”

Recently “Alien: Covenant” cut a swath through the movie world, right down the center. Some people thought it was a throw-back; an homage to the original “Alien” film, while others thought it was a lazy attempt to profit from a beloved series.

Either way, this highly anticipated summer blockbuster was driven by the reactions of fans and social media buzz. Would your opinion as a horror lover have mattered in its success? Absolutely.

As you know, nothing means more than the thoughts of people you trust or relate to. We found that watching them on video is 10x more powerful, and 10x more fun.

Horror fans love Stardust app

                                 Build Your Profile                                               React To Movies, Shows & Trailers


Stardust is exactly that for horror fans. Looking at someone’s profile shows you their collection of reactions, which instantly gives you a feel for who they really are as a fan.

You can easily follow your horror friends and favorite people to see their reactions in real time, just as every movie, show, or trailer hits the market.

You can also react to movies and shows from decades past, ranging from blockbusters to lesser-known indies that you want to the world to know about.

To download Stardust, click HERE.

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