horror decor
via Chris Fischer

Small home improvements can go a long way. Even if you’re renting, there’s something about laying claim of your own personal space that just makes you feel at ease.

If you’ve been thinking about stepping up your home decor game, you should absolutely take advantage of all the amazing items available online and in-store.

Online independent sellers and marketplaces like Etsy make it easier than ever to find that extra bit of uniquely horrific detail. And of course, freakishly festive goodies are in stores and on shelves now – truly, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Because I love to help (and window shop online, let’s be honest) I’ve picked out some fantastic items on Etsy to help spruce up your spooky home.

Let’s decorate like the creepy adults we all are!

Psycho Shower Curtain via CustomShowerCurtain

You definitely need an actual shower curtain that isn’t just a liner. A bit louder, for those in the back… a liner is not a shower curtain. So why not pick a classic scene that will make you feel so comfortable and safe in the shower?

Crawling Zombie Gnome via RevenantFX

Do you have a yard? A balcony? A front stoop? RevenantFX has a TON of awesome garden gnome designs, and you definitely need to check them out! (The back view of this guy is pretty spectacular)

Scream Halloween Wreath via SouthernPWreaths

Because fake plants on a wreath are a thing of the past.

Original Skull Creeps Wall Decor via CreepsOffical

Each set of Creeps contain 3 profile designs, averaging in height between 6 to 8 in. and require only a thumbtack or small nail to hang! They look so classy, yet so very creepy. It’s a win-win, people.

Michael Watercolor Print via MissMichelleCoffee

He’s just so happy! Also, watercolor artwork is lovely.

Skull Plug-In Wax Warmer via SickWix

Comes with one wax warmer and 2.5 oz of “Death Melts” in a fragrance of your choice. The skull has glowing eyes and nose, and the warmer has a rotating base which allows it to fit into a vertical or horizontal outlet. Also available as a tabletop Wax Warmer!

Zombie Clown Mug via Cerapost

The best part of waking up is seeing this clown’s big honkin’ nose and glazed eyes staring up at you while you make your coffee. He’s not judging you, but he definitely knows how you feel.

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