Horror Conspiracy In Regression Starring Emma Watson

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This movie was first brought to my attention in an article I read on Shocktillyoudrop.com. The premise of this one appears to be really quite interesting. Emma Watson’s character accuses her father of a terrible crime, he eventually admits to being guilty, however he has no recollection of the events. A psychologist is brought in, played by the fantastic David Thewlis to unlock the suppressed memories. This unravels a huge mystery that it is fair to say, goes pretty deep.

The story is very close to that of True Detective, a single crime unravelling a whole conspiracy concerning cults and creepy ritualistic practices by complete maniacs in weird costumes. Ethan Hawke is there too, he plays the every-man detective that gets wrapped up in this mess after trying to help Watson’s character. Watson puts on a very convincing American accent, Hawke does his typical Ethan Hawke in a thriller persona and Thewlis once again does what he does best, being a reassuring presence when it goes down.

There are some very creepy moments in this teaser, some interesting techniques are used and the tone looks very gloomy. I have a feeling this could be a really great film, no doubt the strong cast will put on some great performances and the story has a very interesting premise. The initial release of Regression is currently set for 28th August 2015. Check out the trailer below and be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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