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Artist Matthew Therrien’s New Portrait Series Paints the Faces of a Franchise

by Kelly McNeely
Matthew Therrien

I love a good bit of horror art more than… well, a lot of things, really. Anyone that’s seen my apartment can attest to that. So naturally, I’m stoked to bring Canadian artist Matthew Therrien to your attention! 

What’s your favourite scary movie? Chances are, Therrien has a portrait for that. His (understandably) popular Final Girls & Cinema Survivors series mashed up villains and their respective heroes in an artistic (and literal) face-off. You should definitely check it out.

Therrien’s new series presents a variety of horror icons as expressionist style portraits, including Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger shown through the different stages of their franchises. He’s currently working on a Halloween series with Michael Myers’ masked mug. 

Therrien has brought his talents to work for Warner Bros., SYFY Channel, Bunny Ears (the official lifestyle blog of Macaulay Culkin), The Revue Cinema, Severin Films, Synpase Films, The Hero Complex Gallery and more. He’s been a cover and featured artist in publications such as Diabolique Magazine and Rue Morgue, and was included in Printed in Blood’s gorgeous The Thing Artbook

The in-progress Halloween portraits will be added to his shop in October, but you can follow Therrien on Instagram to catch a new preview every few days. The series will consist of eleven 5×7” portraits, with a limited run of 75 giclée art prints on coldpress watercolor paper. Check out some of my favourites below, and head on over to Matthew Therrien’s site to check out the full series.

Wes Craven Tribute

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