Let’s Get High!

Oh my poor Taryn. Next to Phillip, she really got the most fucked up death in this sequel. Miss beautiful and bad gave Freddy her best shot, and while I think she makes for a worthy foe against the “burnt-faced pussy”, she ends up being a sacrifice for the greater cause on the path to defeat Freddy.



I Am the Wizard Master!

I almost feel like our brave little toaster Will never had a chance here. Because I feel like this scene could have been so much more, I almost didn’t include it. However, that “Wizard Master” line gets me every time. And no matter how many times I’ve seen this movie, after that line I always feel like there’s a glimmer of hope for Will to overcome his dream bully. Alas, it never changes.




You Should Listen to Your Mother!

Deja vu all over again with a twist when Kristen, in the middle of transporting everyone into the dream world, ends up back where we started at the beginning of the film. Thinking everything up until that point was maybe some weird dream all along, Kristen gets comfortable and then this shit turns into kung fu warriors.


All of Kincaid’s Insults

There really was no other character here, or in the entire franchise quite like Roland Kincaid. This kid had balls of steel and a feisty mouth to back it up. Probably the only teen with enough cajones to call Krueger a puss-ayyy. That alone gets a special spot here on this moments list.



Bone Daddy Freddy

I’ll admit, this scene scared the crap out of me as a kid. Freddy’s remains spring to life as Neil and Nancy’s father attempt to put an end to the shenanigans once and for all. I like to refer to this clip as the very first slasher style Celebrity Deathmatch given the animation of the Krueger skeleton. Slightly cheesy, but awesome all the same.




You Found Your Dream Power, Man!

Joey, on the heels of getting rescued by his fellow Dream Warriors, finds himself in a pickle once more as Freddy makes himself known and traps the squad in a hallway of mirrors. As Krueger begins to pull each of his friends to the other side, Joey the mute, pulls his dream power, that is unknown up until this point, out of his ass and wouldn’t you know it? His power is his voice. Fantastic.




Nancy, the Hero

Oh man, this gets me every time. Our heroine Nancy gets duped by Krueger as he plays on the strained relationship between her and her dad. Nasty trick Freddy. Nasty indeed. However, in what I like to place as one of the saddest deaths in horror movies, Nancy gathers what little life she has left and does away with Krueger once and for all with the help from Neil far away still at the dump site. Some people regard this ending as being too religious or what not. I say, don’t look that far in to it. Enjoy it for what it is. A Freddy Krueger movie with a plausible way to dispose of his soul.


Well there you have it. So let’s hear from you. Do you have a favorite moment from Dream Warriors not listed here? Which character from the film do YOU most connect with? I’d love to hear so drop us a comment below and discuss! Happy National Dream Warrior Day!