Horror Anniversaries: The Best Moments From NOES’ ‘Dream Warriors’

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Written by Patti Pauley

Yeah so, maybe my power isn’t quite up to par with that of the Wizard Masters’; however, that isn’t going to stop me from using my Internet powers to formally dub this February 27th, National Dream Warriors Day. On this day 30 years ago, New Line gave us arguably the greatest sequel in the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise, and what could be, one of the best sequels to a horror movie ever. If anything, it has to be top ten at the very least.

Dream Warriors


The late Wes Craven penned, Chuck Russell directed slasher sequel has been a favorite among Freddy fans since its theatrical debut in 1987, and it isn’t hard to see why. The monster magic is the stuff of literal nightmares, Robert Englund is brutal AF, and most importantly, the various personalities of the film’s ensemble display raw emotions in the film really giving fans someone to relate to. Whether you’re a strong leader like Nancy, a lover of the arts such as Phillip, or labeled as the ‘nerd’ much like Will, you related to this group of terrified outcasts.

I will allow myself to be extremely vulnerable for a second, and say growing up, I related most to Taryn- I’ll have to note here without the drug problem. Hard on the outside, but lonely and scared on the inside. Having suffering many losses and heartbreak, abandonment from my mother, and black clothing was, and still is, pretty much life, I felt connected to that character which drew me into the film even more other than being just your typical Freddy fanatic.

These teens, on the brink of hopelessness on the idea that everyone just thinks they’re fuckin’ nuts, find it within themselves with the help of Nancy and Neil, to gain enough self-worth and confidence using their “dream powers” to stand up to their metaphorical deadly bully, Krueger. And while some are lost along the way, in a way they’ve won. Although they were scared shitless, the ‘Dream Warriors’ made their stand. And that my friends, is a powerful message hidden inside this classic Nightmare movie, and why I believe it’s truly the best of the series excluding the ’84 original.


Now, enough of my ramblings. Let’s get down and dirty on some of the best moments from this fantastic fuckin’ movie. Have to say, the whole damn flick is a pretty solid gem, so it wasn’t easy narrowing it down. However, here it what I think are the most defining scenes from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Enjoy!

*The rest of the article contains spoilers, so in case you haven’t seen this installment, in which case, stop reading now and go rent off Amazon, you have been warned.


Kristen’s Intro to the Dream House

This has to be one of the best intros and Freddy debut arrival in the entire franchise. Creepy, to the point, and includes about 100 teenagers hanging by their necks at Freddy’s home. Plus, the creepy skeleton girl. “Shivers”. Kristen’s intro into Freddy’s world, and the aftermath, lands her at Westin Hills hospital and we begin the Dream Warriors’ journey into the nightmarish descent into the glory of Nightmare 3.



Master of Puppets

Holy Shit Snacks was this an incredible scene in the film. Phillip may have not had an elongated stay as his comrades did, but the way he went out quite frankly, was one of the most memorable scenes from Dream Warriors. The Claymation Freddy puppet is ridiculously classic stuff. And holy hell, you just felt your veins burn while watching this shit show.



A Snake of a Different Color

One of the most significant and incidentally, bad-ass moments in this film is when Nancy discoverers Kristen’s talent of pulling another soul into her dreams. Kristen finds herself once again, in the abode of Krueger. He must have expected her company because he had the table set, cough-gross. Freddy catches her off guard, morphs into a giant snake and proceeds to start eating Kristen. But not before she could call out for help; bringing Nancy and Freddy face to face once more.


Welcome to Prime Time Bitch!

Does this really need any further explanation? No? Cool, here you go!


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