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If anyone in the world wasn’t already horrified of clowns, they surely were converted last night, thanks to the premiere of FX’s ‘Freak Show’ season of American Horror Story. Holy shit. Did you guys watch that? Because that clown… I don’t even want to think or talk about it.


But our television sets weren’t the only things creepy clowns were terrorizing last night. Leaping off the screen and into real life, mysterious clowns popped up overnight in the town of Wasco, California, and no one is quite sure who they are or what they’re doing there.


As reported by ABC, the clowns began roaming the streets seemingly out of nowhere, and reports suggest they’ve been spotted all over the city, over the course of the last several nights. While some are running for their lives from the clown invasion, others are eagerly snapping pictures of this once in a lifetime event, documenting the madness for all to see.


According to city police, the clowns are totally harmless, and they’ve been linked to no criminal activity.

Who knows… maybe your town is their next stop…