Hold On Tight – ‘The Dawn’ Teaser Trailer Delivers Nightmarish Sequences!

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With the recent releases of the Conjuring Universe’s The Nun & Darren Lynn Bousman’s St. Agatha, horror films involving Nuns have turned into quite the hot commodity and I am personally quite content with this. Nuns in horror films are absolutely terrifying, and the new film The Dawn is definitely going to live up to this expectation. Come on, just look at the poster for the film, pretty damn creepy! Be sure to check out the trailer below and sound off in the comments as to what you think. And of course, check back with iHorror for more info on The Dawn!

The Dawn follows a young woman who witnesses her father murder her family in the wake of World War 1. Sent to live in a convent, she dedicates her life to the Lord. However, her demons follow and manifest themselves in ways which bring the nightmares of her past with her.
Devanny Pinn (Escape from Ensenada, “Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery”), Stacey Dash (Clueless, “Single Ladies”), Ryan Kiser (Gangster Land, “House of Manson”) and Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls, “Entertainment Tonight”) star in Jaguar Cinema and Throughline Films’ paranormal psycho-thriller, which marks the 10th feature from director Brandon Slagle (Attack of the Unknown, “Crossbreed”).

Rounding out the cast are Heather Wynters (“Fear the Walking Dead”), David Goryl (“American Crime”), Andrew E. Wheeler (“Sons of Anarchy”), Susan Slaughter (“Ghost Hunters International”), Claire Engler (A.N.T. Farm), Julie Rose, Amanda Day, Scott C. Roe, Ronnie Kerr, Jimmy Redhawk James, Briana Caitlin, William McMullen and Teilor Grubbs (“Hawaii Five-0”) making her film debut.

The film was written by Elliot Diviney and Slagle and executive produced by J Spencer, James C. Ward, Chris Morganelli, Tiffany Hammer, Gigi, and Jeff Jankowski, Chris Charles and John W. Bosher. It is expected to premiere later this year.


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