Update: The 8th film has now been announced, and it uses the tagline from Pet Sematary.

As you  may know, After Dark Films is getting ready to release 8 new “films to die for” this fall. So far, seven of them have been announced. Among them is a throwback slasher called Bastard.

When the poster was recently revealed, I couldn’t help but feel like I’d heard the tagline it uses before.


Yep, that wold be the same one used for the remake of The Hills Have Eyes from director Alexandre Aja:


I’m not entirely sure Hills was the first one to use it, but either way, it’s being recycled. Does this really matter in any way? No, not really. Just an observation. In case anyone else saw the Bastard poster and thought that sounded familiar, there you go.

Update: Actually, the original Hills Have Eyes had some posters that said “The Lucky Ones Died First” (past tense). 

Now here’s a song from a band called Bone Gnawer called The Lucky Ones Die First:

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/tfyOQUWHDr0″]