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Hidden Horror Book Unearths Unheralded Horror Gems

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Everyone loves lists. Reading lists, making lists, listing lists; information overload is welcomed with open arms, especially when it comes to horror. But you can only read so many “Top 10 Best Horror Movie” lists until you realize that you and all your friends have seen those same ten. So where do you turn? The Best 50? 100? What happens when you see all of those?

While they are plenty of ways to discover new (and old) horror, my favorite way is to peruse magazines and blogs and see what some of my favorite writers suggest. I know I’m not the only one, either. Luckily, the end of 2013 brought us a book that would give us 101 under-appreciated and slighted horror movies that may have passed under our radar. This book isn’t your typical “we’ll just pick some unknown horror movies and put them in a book,” book. No, no, no. This is a book full of suggestions compiled by Dr. AC (Aaron Christensen of Horror 101 with Dr. AC), and these suggestions come from cream of the crop horror writers. You’ll even recognize some of our iHorror writers in the book!

William Lusting (Director of Maniac, Founder of “Blue Underground”) kicks off Hidden Horror with a forward about how great it is that nowadays nearly everything you want to see is accessible in some way, and that horror fans can now share their enthusiasm easier than ever before. Dr. AC’s introduction echoes that sentiment and also suggests that this book may only be the start of a journey for us as horror fans to delve deeper and deeper into our passion. Then begins the list: Alucarda, At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul, Bad Taste all the way down to X: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes.

Now, Hidden Horror could have just been this book of 101 films with synopsis’, cast list and cover art. But the best part about the book is that each suggestion is made and written about by some of horror’s most well-versed writers. Each writer has a different style and tone in which they write about horror, and each writer tells a different story about what their film means to them. The stories range from deep personal connections to folks stumbling across movies on TV. But each film made an impression so strong on each writer that we are willing to read their pitches on why their suggestion needs to be on our “To Watch” lists. And I have to say, I’ve got almost all of them on my list now. The book is a great read for newer horror fans looking to explore other movies or subgenres (there is an index that categorizes each film into subgenres) as well as seasoned veterans looking for some buried horror treasure.

NOTE: If you’re in the Chicago area on Sunday, January 19, stop by Spyner’s Pub from 3pm-7pm for the Hidden Horror Launch Party and Signing! Details here.

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