Halloween Horror Nights began as houses, or “mazes,” which were all based off of original ideas from the creative masterminds behind the scenes.  That’s right, no Freddy, no Jason, just good old fashion story telling.  Over the years Universal Studios began to integrate houses based on horror movies into their mazes, but still kept the original ideas coming.  This year their original houses include; Hive, Dead Waters, The Fallen, and Scarecrow: The Reaping.  Believe me when I say that none of these disappoint!

The Dead Waters maze originated as an idea that took form as a street character in a scare zone; the Voodoo Queen.  The creative minds behind the haunts of this year’s Halloween Horror Nights thought it was about time to give this character her own attraction where she could cast curses and feast upon the souls of all who entered her domain in the swamp.  You first board her riverboat that takes you to the forest where her voodoo has deep roots.  At the end you finally come face to face with the Voodoo Queen herself!

The Fallen was perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing to me, but just barely in comparison to Hive.  Not only are the houses in Halloween Horror Nights scary, but they are darkly beautiful as well.  In The Fallen maze an eternal battle rages between good and evil as the damned try to take your soul back to the underworld.  In this everlasting struggle between light vs dark you will see both sides battling it out all around you, even from above!

The Hive is a vampire nest that you have the unfortunate pleasure of stumbling upon during their favorite time of night; feeding time, and you’re on the menu!  In a darkened house on Hemingway Lane you can barely see your hand in front of your face as you stumble through their decaying den.  Coffins litter the home, but none of them are containing the creatures of the night.  Instead these vampires are lurking throughout the house looking for their next meal.

In Scarecrow: The Reaping no scare actor is shorter than 6’2!  These imposing beings of the land and wind have taken over a farm during the Depression era, claiming it as their own and putting down their evil roots into the sour soil.  Outside their home a windmill in a real field of corn!  Never did I think I’d see corn in Florida, but there it was, and the scent from the husks permeate all throughout the house.  As you trespass through their filthy, overgrown, and crumbling home the Scarecrows are determined to reap you from this earth.  You better believe me when I say they are not happy you are in their house!

Many fans of Halloween Horror Nights go to Universal Studios to see the houses based off of the horror movies they know and love as they come to life right in front of them.  However, many guests who have walked through all of the mazes have stated these original ideas are some of their favorites this year!  There is no “wrong” or “bad” house, intellectual property or original idea alike all of the attractions this year are winners!