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The town of Johnsonville is up for sale, and it could be yours for the (relatively) low, low price of $800,000.

Johnsonville, named after former mill owner Emory Johnson, has been the backdrop to a Billy Joel music video, a Cuba Gooding Jr. movie, and since 1994, it’s been a ghost town. After the mill closed, the 62 acre town was nearly empty when so-called “aerospace tycoon” Raymond Schmitt purchased Johnsonville in the 1960s. Schmitt’s intention was to turn the town into a tourist attraction, but after one too many tiffs with nearby town officials he pulled the hybrid wealthy badass/petulant brat move in 1994 of calling it quits entirely. On a town.

Champagne problems, huh?


In 2008 Johnsonville was sold to a hotel developer, but the lack of public sewers put the kibosh on that plan fairly quickly. With an online auction starting October 28th and going until the day before Halloween, the ghost town of Johnsonville could belong to anyone with just under a million dollars to burn. With the hefty price tag comes a chapel, a mansion, a tavern, a waterfall on the property and, oh yeah, your own town.